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On Work

My Work (A Method)

Right now, days are weird. Getting things done, anything, operates under different and strange conditions. We can’t leave the house. We’re living life in this…
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Monica is Uncertain


For a while, before adopting my daughters, I had frequent bouts of anxiety. Somewhere between panic attacks and constant, general worry. My journals during that…
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Selfies on the Beach

The ratio of selfied folk to beach is approximately 1 per 10 square feet. The wind is infused with narcissism, I think as a group…
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Diverse Experience

I’m working my way through David Epstein’s excellent book “Range”. The challenge we all face is how to maintain the benefits of breadth, diverse experience,…
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Words and Worlds

The Aphorism Project

Bits of wisdom. And puzzles. I savor aphorisms. I roll them through my mind, try and discover situations and scenarios where they fit, and raise…
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